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Established to provide competitive plumbing solutions for owners, property managers and individual owners alike, Stamps Mechanical Ltd. specializes in quality repipe and renovations.  Wether a complete multi-family repipe or minor renovations to an existing home, Stamps Mechanical has over sixty years of experience in providing quality service and customer satisfaction second to none.  Please call for a free, no obligation, consultation.


Leaking water pipes in the Lower Mainland can be attributed to numerous factors. The characteristically soft water associated with the Lower Mainland is considered the main culprit; over time, this will erode the pipe from inside out causing pin hole leaks and fractures. In addition, electrolysis can further erode copper pipe; improper installation typically associated with older buildings means that some copper pipes are in contact with incongruous metals creating a weak electrical current. This causes further erosion. Finally, substandard and undersized pipe results in a ‘faster’ flow of water through the pipe causing even more long term damage. All of these conditions lead to leaks which may appear instantly or take weeks/months to manifest themselves. Over time, considerable damage can occur.


When repairs to leaking pipes become frequent and expensive, installation of new water pipes is the most cost effective response.


This immediately solves the problem keeping insurance costs down aa well as adding value to the building. With any repipe, Stamps Mechanical provides a no cost evaluation and quote. We also provide a construction schedule informing residents of all required work including suite entry dates. Completion of the repipe includes repair to all walls/ceilings to match existing finishes; this includes the installation of new drywall, drywall finishing compound, paint, tile and ceiling texture to mach the original. Our aim is to finish the job with no visible trace of a repipe renovation. Upon completion, as built drawings will be suppled.

Stamps Mechanical strives in developing a working relationship with property managers, strata corporations and individual owners alike.

Renovation Work

Stamps Mechanical also offers full renovation services for your multi-family/strata building or home project. Wether repairing drywall damage, installing new plumbing fixtures or a complete bathroom/kitchen overhaul, Stamps Mechanical has the experience to make your dream project become a reality. Providing strict attention to detail and exceptional service, we tailor each job to the customers needs with clear timelines and competitive pricing. Working throughout the Lower Mainland, Stamps Mechanical carries full WCB coverage, liability insurance and bonding.

Here are a few of our recently completed renovation projects.


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